8 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Strategies (For Zombies)

#2. Sex

Your sex drive will drop off considerably following zombification, primarily due to the lack of blood circulating in your nether regions.

“Blaaaaaargh. (I just kind of feel like cuddling right now actually, if that’s OK with you.)”

It won’t disappear entirely however, and you may find yourself feeling familiar and confusing urges again, perhaps when gazing at a gaping wound in the torso of a lovely zombie of your preferred gender.

Safe sex is critical, but not, interestingly, because of the risk of infectious disease (definitely there, but irrelevant). Remember that both of your bodies are slowly crumbling, so be gentle, and focus on pleasing only your sturdier appendages. You will also be substantially less flexible, so don’t try anything too creative. Try a zombie-modified variant of the missionary position, which is like regular missionary position, but standing, arms outstretched so that the two of you are kind of grappling with your torsos still several feet apart. This is not in any way satisfying, but given the tremendous gas pain you’re feeling at all times, that wasn’t really an option anyways — also note that this position will mitigate the chance of orgasm, which would be profoundly uncomfortable for all involved.

For an idea of what this sounds like, jam a sausage into a wheel of Camembert.

#1. Retirement Planning

The unnatural lifespan of a zombie will vary anywhere between six months to several years, depending on how well they take care of themselves — assuming you trick yourself into eating enough vegetables, you’ll probably slot in to the upper end of that range. And if that’s the case, ask yourself whether you want to spend your golden months shuffling around, competing with younger, fitter zombies for food? Them just tripping you up, and laughing at you and the music that you like, and using new slang that you’re unfamiliar with.

“Vlaaaaaaaargh. (OMG! LOL)”

That would suck like a gaping chest wound, so make sure to plan for your future and build up a nest egg. Capture and pen some humans in a safe place, being careful not to feed on them until you retire. Then, taking into account inflation and the reproduction rate for humans in captivity, you should be able to live off that supply for the rest of your unlife. If you don’t want to go to that trouble, Zombie Mutual Funds are a sensible way to pool your resources with other investors. ZMFs are run by experienced professionals who manage humans in a collective fund, allowing their population to grow at sustainable rates. There is a cost to this of course, so be sure to do your own due diligence prior to joining a fund — look for funds with a track record of steady human growth, and with low expense fees (ZMERs).


Being a zombie is not all fun and games. You’ll be in constant pain, always hungry, usually disoriented and you will fall down — a lot. Meanwhile your primary food source love, love, loves, shooting you in the face, and will even probably make up little games surrounding it. Finally there is a non-trivial chance your genitals will fall off.

“Blaaaaaaaargh. (Oh no. My beans.)”

With this guide … well … all those things will probably still happen to you. Sorry. But some of the time horrible things won’t happen to you, and in those times you will be zombieing like hell, head intact and just killing it in all aspects of unlife. Blaaaaaaaargh! You’ll live like a zombie boss, or at least you will before the human military drops napalm on you and your friends and the little grave you buried your genitals in.


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