5 Reasons You Want A Zombie Apocalypse

Being the Alpha Dog

Let’s face it: Everybody likes to be the boss. Even Rick Ross. Or more accurately, we like not having somebody else be the boss of us (actually being the boss, and sifting through expense reports every day, is probably Hell).

Notice how there’s no power structure in the post-apocalypse world? Even if the survivors form some kind of hierarchy, the movie is certainly never about the guy at the bottom. No, the apocalypse has a great leveling effect. There are no more rich douchebags, no more handsome quarterbacks to steal all the hot girls. By the mere virtue of being a survivor in a world where they’re scarce, you’re already considered top dog.

And for a population of geeky guys used to being at the bottom of the social ladder, that’s freaking awesome.

Sure, with great power may come great responsibility, but it also comes with lots of sweet stuff. You get to call the shots. You get the first pick of whatever artifacts are salvaged out of the ruins of civilization. You can probably get the pick of the opposite sex, all vestiges of your nerd past long forgotten.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, someone bigger and meaner can come and take charge of your operation.” The answer: All that pre-apocalypse preparation will make you king. All those nameless victims who got turned into zombies at the beginning of the outbreak? They didn’t spend their lives studying zombies. But you, you’re prepared. You’re the one who knows to shoot them in the head.

Who’s laughing now?

And when the other survivors see you slaughtering waves of the undead, finally all of your video gaming skills the world mocked will have paid off.

That’s right: The only thing between you and being the heroic bad-ass everyone loves, is a massive outbreak of reanimated corpses.


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